Latest Developments in the Solar Energy Industry

We live in a world and age where scientists are getting smarter and smarter in every single industry. The solar energy industry is no exception from the rule. Here, scientists and developers have managed to come up with groundbreaking inventions that could be game-changing for all players in this industry.

If you are keen on reading about emerging technologies and breakthroughs, you should know that the solar industry has grown exponentially lately. One of the best discoveries made in recent years in this industry is the invention of solar cells made of edible salt. This modern agent removes the need to use toxic agents in the production of solar panels, while making the panels more flexible, less expensive and much easier to use. This breakthrough aims to help homeowners from all over the world capitalize on the benefits of solar power, which at the moment is quite expensive compared to fossil fuels. By expensive I mean the upfront investment cost, not the actual cost of energy, as we all know that solar energy is a free & renewable source of energy.

Another breakthrough in the solar energy is the creation of a new device that is said to be able to level the costs of solar energy. This company, called V3Solar, claim that their device can enhance the efficiency of solar systems by three times. This device works through rotation, cooling the solar panel and allowing it to attract more heat. Also called the Spin Cell, this modern device can easily concentrate the sunlight due to its conical shape combined with rotating specialized lens. One other benefit of this modern cell is that the sun can hit it any time during the day.

As you can notice, people have just begun to realize the huge benefits of harnessing the power of the sun. Who knows, maybe in the near future we will have whole cities powered by huge solar panels.

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